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Why have your wedding in Costa Rica?

There are many great reasons! First of all, it is a tropical climate year-round. What that means is that you can plan on having a wedding either outdoors, or under a patio cover all year with tropical breezes blowing and the smell of flowers in the air, or the sound of the ocean, or a waterfall, or birds and monkeys in a forest setting. What could be more romantic! Certainly far more than an enclosed, climate controlled room that could be in Kansas City in the wintertime or Miami in August. In Costa Rica, the weather is always right for a wedding!

This is especially true in the Tamarindo area, which is in the “Gold Coast” of Costa Rica, so called because being in the northern part, this area gets less rainfall. And, even in the few rainy months, with the exception of October, rain comes for maybe an hour a day during the night or day, with plenty of time in which to move things around a bit if the clouds close in. Of course, wedding tents can be provided if the wedding party decides not to step under a covered patio area. Nonetheless, romance abounds even if the displays of nature bring the cooling breeze of a summer shower.

Another reason to have your wedding in Costa Rica is that you can have your HONEYMOON in Costa Rica! There are many couples who get married in the U.S., Canada, or Europe and then choose one of the most popular tropical spots in the world to honeymoon – Costa Rica. Not everybody can bring a whole wedding party to Costa Rica, nor is it possible for all guests to get away, but if you are fortunate enough to be married here, then you should certainly should have a Costa Rican romantic honeymoon!

There are many places to go and many places to see. Of course, Tamarindo is a destination in itself to many visitors because of its spectacular beach and dry, sunny climate. Below are suggestion for vacationing in Costa Rica, local information sites, hotels, zip lining, volcano and other sightseeing and activity sites. Enjoy your adventure in Costa Rica!

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